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Queen Dyna Projects LLC

Queen Dyna Projects LLC was formed in October 2015 as a Womens Minority Owned and Operated Company. We are a Production, Publishing, Artist Development, and Broadcasting Company. We have currently produced and published several spoken word musical projects, a catalog of live performance videos, 2 full busines plans, and our latest accomplishment is our National and Worldwide radio and tv broadcast. In 2017 Queen Dyna Projects LLC became the Executive Producer of PowerTalk with Queen Dyna on WHPRTVNOW and 88.1 Fm Radio. With much success We also broadcast Detroiters United Radio Broadcast in 2019, which has had 6 successful seasons, and was able to advertise and gain over over 80 Sponsors to its Sponsorship Board, "I Am A Detroiter." 

 The Sponsorship Board was also headed by Queen Dyna Projects LLC as the board is made up of local and regional small business owners that operate in the Metropolitan Areas of Detroit, MI and Chicago, IL.. Each business was marketed and advertised through the broadcast on an all-media advertising platform. The owner of the company is Detroit's Music Ambassador Queen Dyna aka Dara Owens, a pioneer of the City of Detroit, and a resident of The Southside, Chicago, IL.. Dara has a professional background in Network Marketing and was educated through being a part of several Top Level, Multi-Level Marketing Companies including, Mary Kay, ACN, and Ameriplan. 

 Our current endeavors have pressed us into television broadcasting, where Queen Dyna Projects LLC has produced and published GOT MUSIC RADIO and GOT INFO TV. A worldwide television platform that accesses 111M viewers, 10 M listeners, and 2.2 subscribers on Worldwide Core Radio, CORE TV. post Covid -19 and our social distance restraints, we produced broadcast that are virtually interactive, and completely digital and can be accessed all over the world. GOT MUSIC RADIO is produced by my Genius Team, PayStyle Records, Logic Entertainment, Queen Dyna Projects LLC and Core Studios.

 We call them "The Harmony between Science and Religion." Every Sunday from5pm-8pm you can see the production of this team. We continue to build cultural bridges through artistic expression by reaching out to artist from all over to grace the stages of Core Studios and present their works and businesses. We welcome you to become an attendant to our COVID Safe Facilities or Join Us Live!! Our monthly ticketed event is called GOT INFO TV - Coffee Talks. Purchase a ticket for virtue viewing at our ticket counter on

Every 4th Sunday. Please remember our products in our QD Expression Store.

You may see our past episodes and become a subscriber to our social media platforms.

YouTube: Dara Owens & Queen Dyna Projects

FB: Dara Roquemore


Email:[email protected]


Queen Dyna Projects mission is to assist artist in developing their talents, and to build cultural bridges through literature and various artistic expression.I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.